Brain2Store has a team of professionals who accumulate a great deal of experience and knowledge in the IT field.

Currently, we have a staff of approximately 35 professionals with different technical profiles. All of them have a long experience and a great recognition in the design and implementation of infrastructure solutions in the IT field.
Brain2Store is a pioneer in both On-premises and Cloud environments. We work hand in hand with the most solvent manufacturers and use only the best technologies in the sector. Close cooperation, which is of direct benefit to our customers, always at the heart of our activity, and ultimate recipients of our efforts to provide the best service in the IT sector.

Our Purpose.

We want to be a benchmark in the IT sector. Support organizations in planning, implementing, implementing, monitoring, and maintaining their IT solutions. Seeking for their best interest and becoming their trusted partner.

We are transformative agents prepared to accompany companies towards a model of greater business flexibility, and thus make them more productive and competitive in a constantly changing environment.


Passion, rigor, and teamwork. These are the values we apply in all our areas of work. By strengthening our commitment to our customers by seeking excellence in all projects.


We want to be value-generating agents in their businesses and accompanying their IT projects to maximize success. Their success is also our success.


Since 2005, we have had hundreds of projects that consolidate us as one of the reference partners in the IT sector in storage and virtualization technologies.


Our team of professionals is highly qualified and specialized in their respective areas. Each Brain2Store engineer is trained through certification and training programs to successfully perform any kind of project.