Founded in 2005, Brain2Store has become a leading partner in the Spanish IT industry for the deployment and management of virtualization and data storage technologies. We offer the technical specialization and experience required to solve critical infrastructure projects in the most demanding company data centres. This solvency, demonstrated in each project, has enabled us to build a long-term confidence relationship with more than 300 customers.

The brain

Brain2Store, like all brains, consists of two hemispheres. The coordination and balance of these has given the company a definite personality that has the maximum recognition of a changing sector, which has distinguished them on different occasions by its professionalism and rigor in the execution and management of IT projects.

Jordi Pérez


It started this adventure after a long and successful career in recognized technology companies. His curiosity and the possibility of continuing to evolve within a very expansive sector encouraged him to build a project where he could put his own stamp on each project, and he did so, when he found the perfect travel companion with whom to share the same passion and vision of the project.

Nico Navarro


With an early entrepreneurial vocation, he launched to make the Americas and set up his own company in Mexico. On his return to Spain, he spent years working in a major multinational in the IT sector and it is there that he met what his partner would be, to end up founding Brain2Store, a project which bears his personal stamp and which has led them to become a perfect tandem of recognized prestige in the IT sector.


In addition to leading Brain2Store, they share the same passion for the sport of BTT, which has led them to participate in different competitions and to overcome major challenges and adventures such as the 2019 Titan Desert.

Passion, rigour and teamwork are the values they share and guide Brain2Store’s team day by day.

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