This is our exclusive product, developed entirely by Brain2Store. This is a custom Cloud Service, optimized for NetApp technology, that enables remote backup of data from your environments. It is a pay-per-use service with a customized backup and restoration plan fully adaptable to your needs.

Brain2Store, has developed a tailor-made solution for all types of companies.

Enabling a Cloud Backup service to remotely copy all your data:

  • BaaSb2Cloud automatically and unattended copies your data.
  • The copy resides in a local datacenter with the best active and passive security conditions.
  • It is the perfect solution to ensure the geographic contingency of your data.

With this pay-per-use model, a backup service is quickly and simply accessed, with a geo-redundant architecture, maintaining and monitoring backup processes on a continuous basis.

General features of BaaSb2Cloud

  • Monthly payment for capacity at destination.
  • Reducing ownership and operating costs by simplifying traditional copying systems.
  • Guarantee of a backup and restoration plan, aligned according to your needs.
Baasb2cloud’s differential advantages over other cloud platforms
  • Baasb2cloud activation includes a comprehensive analysis of the data environment in each customer to define the optimal strategy in the copy processes.
  • Personalized intake and commissioning service.
  • Unattended management: Proactive monitoring of daily copy processes.
  • Access to a full data recovery service in case of total disaster, which provides reverse data intake and service recovery in the shortest time.
Hiring BaaSb2Cloud is to access a data storage service based on the latest technology, with constant updates and improvements and, most importantly, with the support of a technical team of dedicated IT experts.