Brain2Store Services

Brain2Store offers a wide range of planning, implementation, support, maintenance and technical training services in IT:

  • Turnkey projects
  • Audits and Consultancies
  • Managed IT Services
  • After-sales IT services

We have a large technical team in permanent training, with the experience, knowledge and official certifications of the leading technologies in the sector. Our position as reference partners is the best guarantee of the excellence of our service.


Professional IT services

Deployment helps integrate solutions with minimal disruption and cost overruns, and management and monitors system functions.

Our Professional Services enable you to work to maximize your investment by verifying that solutions meet project requirements and business objectives. We help our customers deploy and manage their IT.

We want to be the strategic services partner you trust.

Managed IT Services

To add value to the IT environment, you have to move away from point supports and become proactive. With Brain2Store Support, you can take this leap without the capital investment needed to hire more experts. Our service consists of a large number of components that work together to go beyond a simple answer to problems that may arise in IT.

Optimizing support and maintaining your IT operations brings considerable benefits. We help you reach that goal with our size-tailored approach and IT Support Assessment.

Brain2Store offers different support packages, designed to provide our customers with adequate support and tailored to their needs

With different combinations, they allow designing the ideal support plan for each case. The objective is to maintain and optimize the operation of IT infrastructures.

This is how we manage to adapt to the level of support required by each of our clients.

It is the base product to have access to our central support platform with a coverage of 9×5. b2Support is always complemented by a bag of hours with a volume suitable to the customer’s needs.

Objective: To help and accompany our customers with specialized support to achieve optimal exploitation of their infrastructures.

Specific on-call service for customers with critical environments that require a 24×7 service.

Objective: Provide a specialized and continuous level of support to cover incidents in critical environments that occur outside working hours.

Requirements: The b2Guardian service requires an active b2Support contract.

Analysis service and periodic documentation of the health status of the client’s systems.

Objective: To provide control points on the operation of the systems, predict possible problems and propose preventive corrective actions.


  • b2Pulse-12 Health-Check monthly
  • b2Pulse-24 Health-Check fortnightly
  • b2Pulse-52 Health-Check weekly

Continuous monitoring service on the main infrastructure components to instantly detect anomalies and system failures. The b2Alert control can be connected to Brain2Store support to proactively act on an alert.

Objective: Actively protect customer infrastructures.

Outsourcing service of IT technical resources, part-time or full-time according to the customer’s needs. The service can be either on-site or remote, working in sync with the rest of the Brain2Store technical team.

Objective: To have brain2Store knowledge and excellence applied as an internal resource of the company.