On-premises Solutions

These types of environments refer to installing a system in a physical location such as an internal IT environment. In these projects the data centres are in the facilities, the IT team has full control over them, and the data centres adapt to the specific needs of the company. They can be used to run from private servers to those managed by third parties. It is the traditional model of business applications.
  • Storage

  • Virtualization

  • Business continuity (DRP)

  • Data protection

  • Digital security

  • Mobility and collaboration

Although technology today provides great reliability with different cluster and redundancy systems, in some business environments it is necessary to have contingency architectures that allow access to data even in the event of loss of the main data centre.


We cover areas of perimeter security, network security, antivirus, incident monitoring and monitoring, protection of virtualized environments, encryption, policy management, BYO, etc.


There are many more advantages in consolidating servers through virtualization: reliability and high availability deployment for all your servers, unparalleled ability to provision new servers, centralized management of servers and their resources, management time savings, migration of virtual servers between different physical servers, increased hardware usage.

Brain2Store is one of the leading VMware partners in Spain, a world-leading virtualization company. Let us show you all the benefits your company can have by consolidating its servers on a virtual platform.

Data Protection

On the basis of the corporate backup policy that is determined in each company, it is important to consolidate centralized management to protect all data regardless of its nature.

  • Tape and Disk Copy Technologies (VTL)
    Defining on-demand libraries on a disk device increases the chances of expanding, in an easy and comfortable way, the performance and functionality of copy and restore processes.
  • Digital Archive Management (ILM)
    Digital archiving technology allows you to automate data relocation based on policies and indexed access, so you can search and view desired information. The archiving provides the tiering of corporate information.
  • WORM solutions
    WORM storage (Write Once Read Many) stems from the requirement of many companies to comply with legal requirements which, in some cases, force data to be stored for a long time.

Service Contingency Architectures

The ease and simplicity with which excellent results can be achieved through tools such as VMware SRM (Site Recovery Manager), integrated with adequate data replication, makes Disaster Recovery available to all.

Deploying Virtual Desktops

With VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), administrators can centrally create and manage desktop/PC capsules with relevant applications, maintaining all corporate security policies even for remote users, allowing them to connect from any computer or laptop to their own desktop via web.

Mobility and Collaboration

When we communicate, we generate courage, both in the everyday and in the professional. Services such as collaboration and mobility allow workers to be much more productive and to speed up decision-making.

All companies have different processes, but the form of communication must be the same for all. In Brain2Store we have mobility, BYOD and collaboration solutions to meet the most demanding needs in these areas in companies of any size and to achieve significant benefits in productivity and costs.