B2Cloud is Brain2Store’s on-demand Cloud Services area. A set of pay-as-a-service cloud solutions, with all our associated guarantees and services.

Brain2store cloud migration is a journey where the customer is permanently accompanied by our team of experts in the phases of initial analysis, migration, and subsequent exploitation.

Our b2Cloud Services offer a flexible implementation, easily scalable and fully tailored to each organization.

A journey of continuous improvement for companies, which see their capacity for innovation enhanced, increasing the productivity and profitability of their businesses.

To hire our services b2Cloud, is to access the latest technology provided by our technological partners: Netapp, Vmware, Cisco, Fortinet, and Sophos, with constant updates and improvements and, the most important thing, with the guarantees offered by one of the most valued teams specialized in the IT sector.


Infrastructure Service: Our proposal for a total IT infrastructure, payment for use that allows to design a custom environment, adapted with different models to the characteristics of each customer. Contracting this service provides the outsourcing of your IT infrastructure with the reliability and scalability of a cloud service


Backup as a Service: Provides a remote backup of the fully managed data of the client’s Netapp environments. It has a personalized backup and restoration plan, with a tailored intake and commissioning service, proactive monitoring of daily copy processes and is fully adaptable to the real needs of the customer.


Disaster Recovery Service: Duplicating the critical computing environment is possible, virtually and immediately available, in an emergency. This service allows companies to implement and have a functional disaster recovery plan.


Placement Service: It eliminates the costs and physical security risks involved in maintaining the hardware in its own facilities. Colob2Cloud offers full control and direct access to your infrastructure in the best possible environment with the ongoing assistance of our team of experts.